Polyurethane technology and equipment

Welcome to explore the polyurethane - as well as the polyurethane machines and equipment !



EnerSa Oy Ltd Polyurethane technology is a Finnish company located in South Carelia at Taipalsaari by the beautiful sceneries of Lake Saimaa.

The company has its’ own premises for design, production, product development and marketing.
Oy Enersa Ltd is an innovative company focusing on polyurethane and gluing technology as well as on design, development and manufacture of the machines and the production lines that produce various types of polyurethane products and sandwich panels for all industry branches. Our product range covers polyurethane machines, moulds presses and complete production lines for the production of paddings, insulation materials and technical items out of flexible, rigid, integral, RIM and elastomer polyurethane etc.

The brand name of the machines and production lines is ”EnerSa”.

EnerSa has always paid attention to environmental issues, technical innovation, cost effective factors, product quality and quality control. Quality means, among other things, that the equipment are first-class, made out of the best materials and components. Three decades has taught us to look for reliable subcontractors and suppliers. It is very importatnt to us that we can keep to schedules and commitments. It is important to us that the customer is satisfied when the price and quality meet.


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